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Relevant Experience

I was born in east zone of São Paulo-SP, at January 25th, 1991, which also is the birthday of that city. When I was 5 I moved to Goiânia-GO, with my parents and my sister. I live in this city till today.

Infância e educação

Sheldon Led Bebê

I passed all my childhood in east zone of Goiânia (also), and studied in public schools. A little time after I moved to Goiânia I lost my mother, who disapeared at June 14th, 1996, and never came back. Since then we never heard anything about her.

All the family and friends got together trying to find her, but without success. Her name is Nilza Maria Martins da Silva, if you have any information about a person with this name you can email me.

My father died when I was 16, at February 25th, 2007, and after his death I lived with my sister till I get married. I lived some time alone also, but today I live with my beautiful wife, Maria de Fátima.

I finished my elementary school at Escola Municipal Bárbara Souza de Morais and almost all my High School at Colégio Estadual Pré-Universitário. At my last semester of High School, after my father's death, I moved to Colégio Estadual Juvenal José Pedroso, where I completed my High School.

In 2008 I got into College, starting Computing Engineering at Faculdades Alfa, with full scholarship, the PROUNI program provided by Brazil's Government. In 2011 I freezed my course and one year later I started Systems Information, and I finished this course in 2015.

Sheldon Led tocando Violão


I studied violin and played it at (Youth Symphony Orchestra of Goias) Orquestra Sinfônica Jovem de Goiás in 2006 e 2007. I played once at International Music Conservatory in Caldas Novas as invited musician, and performed some wedding presentations. I also played trumpet in two marcial bands: Escola Estadual Mônica de Castro and Escola Estadual Vandy de Castro, both placed in Jardim Novo Mundo, Goiânia-GO. Nowadays I don't play in any musical project. I have music as a hobby.


I saw a computer for the first time when I was 6. Since then I discovered an entire universe of things around computing. I focus my studies on web technologies, but everything about technology catches my attention. I'm fascinated by programming, Free or Open Source Software and some other nice things. I have a blog in Portuguese, called Tribo do CI, and sometimes I post something there. I also have an English blog, where I share something while I practice my English writing.

My occupation nowadays is develop solutions using the web, and I try to publish some of those solutions in my github. I love talk about technology and I have a desire to give more talks at Conferences that I already give today.